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At MediaWorks, we use our Datalab, insights and our own expertise to develop outdoor campaigns that are impactful, focused and measurable.  Our insights are created from the most rigorous sources including mobile, census, and bank transaction data giving us greater understanding of the audience behind the numbers.

Datalab Data Sources

  • NZ Census Data covering 97% of the New Zealand population.
  • Westpac transaction data allowing us to map over 210,000,000 journeys throughout New Zealand.
  • One year’s worth of mobile data from over 800,000 people.
  • Critchlow geospatial specialists analysing 200,000 road segments.
  • AC Nielsen Consumer Media Index.
  • Roy Morgan Helix Personas.

Helix Personas

Leading Lifestyles — High earning older professionals living in the inner wealthy suburbs
Metrotechs — Young, single, inner city professionals with high incomes
Todays Families — Young families living in the suburbs, earning above-average incomes
Kiwi Achievers — Closest to the average New Zealander, mid-life, average educated
Getting By — Young parents or older families with children at home, the most ethnically diverse community
Golden Years — Conservative, risk-averse retirees focused on health, security and investments
Battlers — Ethnically diverse, young families, single mums & retirees focussed on making ends meet

Datalab Insights

New Zealanders that have seen OOH in the last 7 days
Buses are the most seen outdoor format in the last 7 days
New Zealanders that have seen a billboard in the last 7 days
21% of NZ has seen an Airport ad in the last 7 days

Multi-format campaigns are more cost effective!

Smarter insights for more effective OOH campaigns
The same investment on Buses & Billboards, versus Billboards alone can increase reach to:

We can tell you that if you live in central Wellington you are:

More likely than the average New Zealander to be 20 - 35 years
80% more likely to earn over:
More likely to spend more on holidays